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Background Check Policy (All prospective employees must sign this policy)

All potential employee background check policies are based on guidelines for investigating candidates’ backgrounds as part of any organization’s hiring process. Background checks helps employers to:

  • Get insight into candidates’ background.
  • Ensure they hire reliable employees.
  • Verify candidates’ information for truthfulness and accuracy.
  • Screen candidates convicted of serious criminal behavior..

There are four main steps to take to ensure compliance:

There are four main steps to take to ensure compliance:

  1. Disclosure: Candidates must be notified that a pre-employment screening is a pre-condition of an offer.
  2. Consent: The candidate must provide written consent and must receive notification of the agency conducting the check – Swift Check.
  3. Investigation: Once the candidate has provided consent and sufficient personal details, the report is compiled using relevant sources.
  4. Review: You will receive the report for review, which will typically be marked either “clear” as a sign to go ahead and employ or “consider” indicating that something of concern has been found.

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