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Education Background Check

As previously mentioned, many job applicants have admitted to doctoring their resumes to get ahead in the job market. Education and resume verification let employers confirm that the information provided by the candidate is in fact true and accurate. Information can be verified by contacting the human resources or administrative department of the candidate’s listed past employment and education facility.​

Social Media Check

Social media checks have grown in popularity amongst hiring managers and recruiters in recent years. It allows them to humanize the candidate and get unique insight that extends beyond the resume. Screening candidates' social media profiles can also help shed light on any potentially problematic behavior that might not be visible during the interview.

Medical Review

Conducting an in-depth and meticulous medical review involves a comprehensive examination of pertinent medical records, diagnostic tests, treatment histories, and other relevant documentation. This thorough process ensures a nuanced understanding of the individual's medical status, enabling informed decision-making, personalized treatment planning, and optimal healthcare management tailored to their unique needs and circumstances

Criminal Background Check

Due to their sensitive nature, criminal checks tend to be the most complex among the various screening methods employed. They are used to determine whether an applicant can potentially create an unsafe environment for staff and customers of a business.

Identity Background Check

Through a meticulous and comprehensive identity background check process, we have meticulously validated and verified the identity credentials of the individual in question. This thorough scrutiny includes cross-referencing against multiple authoritative databases, rigorous examination of provided documentation, and adherence to stringent verification protocols. As a result, we can confidently assert that the individual's identity meets our exacting standards, instilling trust and confidence in their engagement with our platform

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