Personal Background Checks FAQs

Why Order a Background Check on Myself?

Many individuals who order a personal background check are looking for a job or preparing for an interview. Statistically speaking, applicants are more likely to get hired when they append a copy of a current, professional background check to their resume. It demonstrates initiative, professionalism, and an eagerness to build bridges of trust from the outset. Many people also want to make sure the information being reported about them is accurate—

What Does a Personal Background Check Show?

At the bare minimum, a Swiftcheck personal background check will pull information from a nationwide criminal
database and confirm identity, social media checks and address.

How Long Does an Online Background Check Take?

Depending on the personal background check package results can return in as little as two days or up to seven business days (on average).

How Much Does a Swiftcheck Personal Background Check Cost?

In general, personal background checks can range anywhere from around Ghs450 to Ghs1250, but not all background checks are created equal. Swiftcheck offers three personal background packages:

  • Bronze: Ghs450.00
  • Silver: Ghs650.00
  • Gold: Ghs1250.00

What Is the Ordering Process?

For Swiftcheck, the ordering process is simple.
First, select your package here.
Second, enter your information.
Third, provide payment details and submit your order to our team of researchers.
Fourth, we will begin processing your background check immediately, sending you an email with a copy of your report
upon completion.

What Information Do I Need to Provide? Is It Secure?

The information we request on our background check order form includes name, date of birth, current address, email address, phone number, copy of your Ghana Card and of course, your consent. This information is used by our researchers to fulfill your background check request. All information is obtained and processed following strict data security and protection protocols.

Do I Need to be Fingerprinted?

No fingerprints necessary. Name-based background checks are quickly becoming the industry standard— and for good reason. They can provide the same insights that fingerprint checks provide without the wait and hassle.

Can I Order a Background Check on Someone Else?

No you cannot. 

For more information visit us online or order your personal background today.

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