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Why do you need a background check on your employees?

Collaborating with a third-party workforce solutions provider like Swift Check will allow businesses to benefit from our expertise when setting up a comprehensive screening program and speed up their hiring time.

Verify employment qualifications.

At its most basic level, a thorough pre-employment check can help employers determine whether the information provided by a candidate is true.

Remember 80% of job seekers lie or consider lying during the job application process.

Some of the most common ones include:

  • Being proficient in skills they barely use
  • Working in a company longer than they have
  • Having or completing a degree from a prestigious educational institution
  • Having a higher knowledge of the job they are applying for
  • Earning a higher salary than they actually did
  • Holding a higher position in a previous company than they actually did

Candidates often exaggerate these areas because they believe them to be easier to get away with during the interview process. This heightens the risk of unknowingly hiring someone who is unqualified for the role. While in some instances, these events can go unnoticed, hiring a candidate who turns out to be a poor fit can be detrimental to the company as it can impact the business across various levels. Employment background checks can help employers avoid these mistakes and save themselves time, money, and frustration.

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